Stephan's Stuff

Adventures in Android Development


Hi, I’m Stephan Hagios from Germany. I’m a Software Developer focusing on Android application/library development. Currently I’m working remote at Gini as an Android application/SDK developer. If you want to contact me, feel free to write me a mail at hello at this domain, or add/ping me on any other network which is listed on this site.

In my free time I also enjoy making apps, here I like to try stuff which I’m interested in and keen to learn. For example, my app Stopmotion, is fully written in Kotlin, uses the new camera2 api and the newly introduced Firebase for tracking and crash reports.

Side projects:

  • Stopmotion -> Android app to create stop motion gifs. (Open Source on Github)
  • Kvbike -> Android app to find bicycles to rent in Cologne
  • FrameView -> Android view to Display a translucent frame with corners as known from cameras. Written in Kotlin.

In this blog I write my experience and my thoughts about Android development, the Kotlin programming language, remote working and whatever comes into my mind.